Mineral Foundation Sample Kit

Need help choosing a shade?

Does your skin have more of a yellow undertone or pink undertone? (Look at your neck or the inside of your wrist where there is usually less pigment, freckling or redness.) If you can't tell or aren't sure, answer the following questions....

Do you burn before you tan or do you tan easily?
Do you look better in silver/platinum or yellow-gold jewelry?
Do you look better in white or ivory/off-white clothing?

If you answered: burn/silver/white, you probably have a cool undertone and should pick from the Cool or Beige shades.

If you answered: tan/gold/ivory, you probably have a warm undertone and should pick from the Golden or Olive shades.

If you fall somewhere in between, you most likely have a Peach skin tone.

If you have very fair skin with no discernible undertone, you might like our Porcelain shade.

This should help to narrow it down, but if you're not sure, try one of our Mineral Foundation Sample Kits. Each Sample Kit comes with four foundation shades. All samples are generous sizes and come in stackable 3-gram sifter jars. We'll also include a sample of our Velvet Silk Skin Smoothing Primer Gel.

This is the best type of kit if you are unsure of your undertone. You'll get a cross section of undertone samples within a specific shade.

Very Fair to Fair: Porcelain, Buttercup, Warm Ivory, Blush Ivory

Fair to Light: French Vanilla, Peaches & Cream, Sandy, Silk

Light: California Blonde, Cashmere, Buff, Cool Beige

Light to Medium: Fawn, Brandy Punch, Honey, Bisque

Medium: Golden Tan, Caramel, Golden Beige, Rose Beige

Tan: Latte, Mirage, Sunkissed, Moonkissed

Dark: Riviera, Mirage, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Deep: Espresso, Barbados, Hazelnut, Swiss Mocha

If you already know what undertone your skin is, this is your best bet. You'll be getting a range of four shades within your specific undertone. Find your perfect match, and use the other shades for contouring and highlighting!

GOLDEN - Fair to Light: Buttercup, French Vanilla, California Blonde, Fawn

GOLDEN - Light to Medium: California Blonde, Fawn , Golden Tan, Latte

GOLDEN - Medium to Deep: Golden Tan, Latte, Riviera, Espresso

OLIVE - Light to Medium: Frangipani, Isabella, Athena, Penelope

OLIVE - Medium to Deep: Isabella, Athena, Penelope, Grecian Goddess

WARM - Fair to Light: Chardonnay, Peaches & Cream, Cashmere, Brandy Punch

WARM - Light to Medium: Cashmere, Brandy Punch, Caramel, Mirage

WARM - Medium to Deep: Brandy Punch, Caramel, Mirage, Barbados

BEIGE - Fair to Light: Warm Ivory, Sandy, Buff, Honey

BEIGE - Light to Medium: Buff, Honey, Golden Beige, Sunkissed

BEIGE - Medium to Deep: Golden Beige, Sunkissed, Cinnamon, Hazelnut

COOL - Fair to Light: Blush Ivory, Silk, Cool Beige, Bisque

COOL - Light to Medium: Cool Beige, Bisque, Rose Beige, Moonkissed

COOL - Medium to Deep: Rose Beige, Moonkissed, Nutmeg, Swiss Mocha

Bare Minerals shade conversions:
BE Light ---> French Vanilla or California Blonde
BE Fairly Light ---> Fawn
BE Medium ---> Honey, Golden Beige or Rose Beige
BE Medium Beige ---> Fawn or Golden Tan
BE Medium Tan ---> Riviera or Espresso
BE Golden Medium ---> Fawn or Golden Tan
BE Warmth ---> Espresso, Barbados, or St. Tropez

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