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All of our high-grade fragrance oils are available in a 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum glass spray bottle.

This product is made to order and is non-returnable. If you are unsure about a fragrance, please order a sample first.

Fragrance Descriptions:
Aloe & Green Tea: Blend of aloe, green tea and lemon. Tremendously green, fresh, and unisex -- the perfect eye-opening morning shower scent!

Amber: A luxurious, sensual blend of rich, earthy amber, patchouli, vetiver, cedarwood, and vanilla.

Apricot Freesia: A hint of Spring freshness is found in this blend of bright freesia and apricot.

Aqua (Pier 1 type): A mix of sparkling aquatic greens, fresh ozone, sea spray, lily, white rose, freesia, peony, teakwood and sandalwood.

Aqua Spa: A crisp, clean, unisex blend of rose, lily, orange, lime, and ozone.

Asian Spice: A mix of patchouli and vetiver with rose, geranium, jasmine, violet, clove, coriander and sweet musk.

Baies (Diptyque type*): Baies is an amazing blend of black currant and Bulgarian rose - the result is a startlingly fresh and complex accord that strikes the nose as alternately green, spicy, floral, and fruity. Paris-based Diptyque is a leader in the world of high-end candles and home scents, and Baies is the best-selling of their 45 candle fragrances.

Bay Rum Spice: Resinous bay leaves infused in the mellow woody smell of rum that has been aged and matured in wooden kegs. Blended with sweet orange, patchouli, cinnamon, bergamot, lemon, allspice, nutmeg, clove and lemongrass.

Bergamot Coriander (Bath & Body Works type): An energizing herbal blend of citrusy bergamot, and fresh, green coriander to create the perfect invigorating, aromatherapeutic experience. A very popular fresh, clean, unisex fragrance.

Black Cherry: Scrumptious black cherries, sweet yet tart and very fruity!

Black Raspberry Vanilla: Vine-ripened black raspberries drenched with vanilla cream. Addictive. Alluring. Also includes notes of blackberry, plum, white floral green, and musk .

Blueberry Muffin: Plump, summer ripened blueberries and crispy oatmeal topping warm from the oven. Rich and buttery with a hint of spice and vanilla.

Breathe Happiness: An invigorating eye opener, bright citrus and brisk mints immersed in cool refreshing water.

Brown Sugar & Fig (Bath & Body Works type): Creamy, sweet, and sensuous! This enticingly warm fragrance combines ripe fig, creamy coconut milk, caramelized brown sugar and soft, velvety musk. Also includes notes of passion fruit, white peach, vanilla orchid, sheer jasmine, muguet, yellow freesia, vanilla bean and musk. If this concoction sounds too "food-y," fear not -- the florals and a splash of velvety musk make it slyly sexy and grown-up.

Butter Pecan: Nutty pecans blended with the delicious flavors of vanilla, brown sugar and warm spice notes.

Caribbean Coconut: A tropical twist of coconut milk and cool vanilla that's the perfect summer escape.

Caribbean Therapy (Aveda type): A rich, creamy blend of exotic fruit and nut oils of the Caribbean. Warm island aromas of amyris, bay, vetiver and lime rejuvenate the senses.

Cherry Blossom: A bright floral with notes of watermelon, red plum, freesia, soft musk, and heliotrope.

Cinnabun: Smells just like an iced cinnamon bun hot out of the oven - heavenly and delicious!

Cinnamon Spice: Wonderful, warm traditional cinnamon scent blended with spice.

Citron et Figue: This rich, mesmerizing lemon-fig blend begins with citrusy top notes of lemon and orange essential oils and blooms into a fruity-floral heart of ginger, apple, geranium, real rose and green tea absolutes, and a touch of mint. The warm drydown consists of fig, spice, amber, and white musk.

Clean: A light and airy, fresh scent with sparkling citrus top notes. A very popular unisex fragrance.

Coco Cabana (Bath & Body Works type): This smooth, sunny scent brings the tropical warmth of the islands stateside. Blend of orange, apple and coconut.

Coconut Lime Verbena: Be whisked away to your very own paradise with this luscious blend of fresh coconut, refreshing lime zest and fragrant lemon verbena, warmed by vanilla and musk. Also includes notes of melon, sheer muguet, mandarin, jasmine, and sandalwood.

Cool Cucumber: Clean, and crisp, smells exactly like fresh picked cucumbers. A refreshing and soothing scent year round.

Cucumber Melon: Sweet, fresh, and totally invigorating blend of cucumber, honeydew and watermelon. A very popular, clean and refreshing unisex scent.

Damask Rose: The delicate fragrance of damask rose, one of the world's oldest roses is both refreshing and relaxing.

Euphoric (Aveda type): Uplifting blend of rose, jasmine and sandalwood.

Exotic Coconut: Rich, true coconut is adorned with a lei of jasmine and a gentle kiss of sandalwood and vanilla. The floral, woody, and sweet notes add to and support the coconut scent without being overwhelming or distracting.

First Snow: Clean, crisp, floral blend of fresh jasmine, cool mint, and just a hint of pine. Crisp like the winter air.

Frasier Fir: Brisk, clean and refreshing, the aromatic blend of crisp Siberian fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood forms a comforting, just-cut forest fragrance.

Fresh Brewed Coffee: Smells just like fresh brewed coffee!

Fresh Linen: A light, fresh, airy, blend of lily and jasmine.

Gardenia: Lovely, intoxicatingly romantic gardenia blossoms mingle with dewy freesia, heliotrope & jasmine

Glacier Wildflowers: This irresistible mountain-fresh spring bouquet is a-bloom with rich, soft floral tones that create a fresh clean fragrance.

Grapefruit Supreme: As if freshly picked from the tree, bright, fresh and crisp top notes round to full-bodied heart notes.

Honey Almond: Smooth, warm blend of almond, sweetened with a touch of honey.

Honeysuckle Blossom: Blooming honeysuckle, budding lilacs, and captivating rose intermingle in the heart of this floral beauty.

Huckleberry: Lest you skip by this one because you've never eaten, smelled, or touched a huckleberry, don't -- this is absolutely one of the most delicious, luscious, berrylicious scents!

Lemon Verbena: A fresh, crisp scent of lemon verbena delightfully blended with juicy layers of grapefruit and orange. Tantalizingly tart! (Contains 96% of essential oils and resins.)

Lemongrass Verbena (Trapp type): Blend of Lemon, Lemongrass and Verbena - a dead ringer for the popular Trapp candle fragrance.

Lilac: Fresh, floral, full bodied classic.

Lily of the Valley: One of the most delightful flowers of spring! Soft, delicate and well rounded.

Madagascar (Aveda type): Notes of rich ylang ylang are seduced with a tease of jasmine and softened with creamy vanilla in this exceptionally beautiful floral fragrance.

Mango: A fresh, tropical island mango.

Mango Coconut: Blend of mango and coconut.

Mango Peach: Blend of mango, peach and currant.

Mango Sorbet (Tutti Dolce type): Blend of mango, raspberry and lemon.

Neroli Jasmine: Oriental floral fragrance with top notes of neroli, freesia and violet leaf; a middle of orange blossom, jasmine and peony; with sandalwood, vanilla, amber and musk rounding out the bottom.

Nutmeg & Vanilla: Warm vanilla with deep notes of spice, clove, nutmeg and all spice.

Oakmoss Sandalwood: Earthy aroma of oakmoss, sandalwood, tonka bean, cedarwood, lemon and petitgrain.

Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey: Blend of Oatmeal, Milk, Honey and Almond

Peach: Peaches, Peaches... This one is popular and for good reason. It smells exactly like a basket of fresh peaches.

Peach Bellini* (Bath & Body Works type): Orange slices glisten with sparkling white peach nectar and bubbly champagne

Peach Hyacinth: Juicy peaches deepened with fresh hyacinth for an asian flair.

Peony: Light and airy fresh peony blended with luscious garden rose.

Peppermint Twist: This classic aroma is one of the most favored scents during the holiday season. Smells just like a candy cane!

Pink Berry Mimosa: Succulent strawberries and pink raspberries, plucked from the garden when perfectly ripe.

Pink Grapefruit: Juicy, tart, slightly sweet and refreshingly clean.

Pink Snow Princess: Deliciously sweet and fruity berries, sugar cane, candied tonka bean, and Tahitian vanilla. Reflects all the magic of a winter fairyland!

Rainforest (Aveda type): Rich, earthy blend of clover, coriander, and peppermint. A crisp, green fragrance with spice!

Raspberry Lemonade: Refreshing and summery -- raspberry plus lemonade equals crazy delicious! An irresitible blend of lemon peel, juicy raspberry, and just a hint of seedy blackberry.

Red Currant: Sweet and tart at the same time, Red Currant is a thoroughly modern, intoxicating berry scent that hypnotizes and charms all who smell it.

Red Hibiscus & Acai: Bright and colorful hibiscus with notes of currant, acai, plumeria, jasmine and amber.

Rice Flower & Shea: A bouquet of sweet fruits and luscious flowers, well rounded with an intense, alluring base of soft musk and light creamy vanilla notes which offer lift and a pretty freshness. Top Notes: Fresh Cut Ginger Root, Anise Leaves, Spring Water; Mid Notes: Rice Flower Dew, Coconut Milk; Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Sandalwood

Rose (Damask Rose): The delicate fragrance of damask rose, one of the world's oldest roses is both refreshing and relaxing.

Shampure (Aveda type): Calming blend of lavender, ylang ylang, and sweet orange.

Soothing Sandalwood: Fragrant sandalwood blended with sweet vanilla, white musk, deep mahogany, earthy patchouli, and spicy nutmeg.

Stargazer Lily: One of the most beautiful & fragrant lilies in the Oriental family is sweet, sensual, and addictive.

Strawberry Fields: Sun-kissed notes of ripe, juicy strawberries with a touch of juicy citrus. A fruity treat that is simply irresistible!

Sugar & Kisses: Deliciously sweet and fruity blend of sugar, vanilla and strawberry.

Sugar Lemon (type): Blend of refreshing Italian lemon ice, sugar, and ginger flowers.

Sugar Plum Fairy: A fruity-floral blend of grape, peach, citrus, plum, rose and musk. Light, clean and relaxing.

Sun Ripened Raspberry* (Bath & Body Works type): The scent of summer-ripened berries blends delectably with a hint of green vine.

Tahitian Vanilla: Sweet, rich, classic vanilla entwined with just a whisper of tropical flowers.

Thai Coconut Lemongrass: A clean, fresh, aromatic blend of tart, fruity top notes of pineapple, lemongrass, and lime with a peachy middle, leading to a smooth finish of vanilla, sandalwood and coconut. An exotic touch of Thailand!

Tomato Leaf: An irresistible green herbal blend --amazingly close to the smell of fresh tomato vines.

Vanilla: The richest, creamiest, most buttery vanilla in the entire Universe!

Vanilla Almond: A delightfully almondy scent softened just a bit around the edges with tiny touches of vanilla. Very creamy, yet ice cream.

Vanilla Bean: The very popular, rich scent of sweet natural vanilla beans lightly toasted. A smooth fragrant scent.

Vanilla Coconut: A rich, creamy, buttery essence of warm vanilla and coconut, evoking the tropics and a sublimely delicious aroma.

Vanilla Spice Chai: Warm vanilla with deep notes of spice, clove, nutmeg and all spice.

Verbena (L'Occitane type): Fresh sweet lemon verbena and just a hint of rose. Wonderfully refreshing and calming.

Vetyver: A luscious blend of fresh, exotic vetiver with warm spices and woods. It has a smoky depth accented with fresh herbals and has unisex appeal. Top notes: lemon and rosemary; Middle notes: florals, sandalwood, and patchouli; Bottom notes: musk and vetiver.

Victorian Christmas: A nostalgic combination of apples, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and brown sugar.

White Truffle Raspberry: A rich, decadent blend of white chocolate and luscious raspberries....Divine!

Warm Amber: Turn the chill of a wintry night into a cocoon of warmth with the soft, rich scent of warm amber.

Warm Vanilla Sugar (Bath & Body Works type): A delightful combination of sweet brown sugar, buttery vanilla with a soft hint of musk.

*TYPE indicates this is a duplicate of the designer fragrance. Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. This version is not to be confused with the original. Velvet Gardens has no affiliation with the manufacturers/designers. Our interpretation of this fragrance was created through chemical analysis and reproduction and this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead, confuse the customer or infringe on the manufacturers/designer's name and valuable trademark. This perfume is not packaged in the designer bottle.
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